Lone Star Advent Messengers

The Team

Kristi Hance, Preachers Wife Newman Hance, Preacher
Preachers Wife

Kristi Hance


Newman Hance

Kristi Hance was introduced to Jesus at birth. Having God fearing parents who took her to church every Sabbath until she was old enough to decide for herself whether or not to serve the LORD, she learned of His love and she learned of obedience to His Law of Ten Commandments.

As a young adult it was evident that Kristi would come to exemplify an extremely rare breed in today’s society, one of a precious few who would never give in to the call of the world to try and find her happiness but remain faithful to God and trust that He would provide that happiness in life which everyone searches for.

Kristi’s attention to obedience has also inspired her preacher husband Newman and helped to improve his spiritual life. Together they enjoy God’s exhaustless rewards in preaching, personal evangelism and ministry through music as a southern gospel duo. She serves in prison ministry with Newman as well.

Kristi provides an unmatchable strength as a member of the LONE STAR ADVENT MESSENGERS MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY.

Preacher Newman Hance was raised in a religious home but rebelled as a teen falling into a life that included many years of drinking and drug use.  After God provided the right circumstances in 1985, Newman surrendered his life to Jesus and now serves Him with his whole heart. Newman and his wife Kristi hold church service in the State penitentiary in Teague, Texas, operate this motorcycle ministry, hold Bible studies and sing and preach as evangelists from South Texas, through East Texas and on to NW Arkansas.

The brotherhood of the biker culture is one thing Newman never relinquished and he desires with all of his strength to minister to and for bikers, telling them of the good news that Jesus can save anyone and inviting any sincere person to participate in this ministry.

Newman invites all to come and praise and worship the Lord through singing and prayer, come to know Jesus through His holy word the Bible, and ride our bikes to glory!


Kevin and Ashley Rassmusson

After many years of doing life “their own way,” veteran motorcylers Kevin and Ashley Rasmussen came back to God and church because they wanted their daughter, Katelynn, to know Jesus. Today they love sharing their faith in creative ways, including helping with motorcycle ministry and sharing their testimony with others. The couple became local celebrities and touched many hearts in 2014 when they shared their story with The Flame magazine.

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